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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), under the support of National Gallery Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum, is part of our national Visual Arts Cluster of leading institutions in the region. As part of ongoing efforts to preserve national heritage, Huakeong Industries was appointed the main contractor to undertake a building and restoration project under the National Heritage Board.

To maintain the gallery’s robust culture and history, Huakeong Industries addressed the following:

● Rising damp and salt poultice treatment to extract moisture and salt from the existing affected building structure

● Interior repairs to the walls and ceiling affected by condensation and rising damp

● Repairs to the external facade wall cracks and restoration of original timber doors and windows

● Roof repairs to seal air leakage and the addition of skylights that further enhanced the gallery’s environment

● Conducted thorough air-conditioning and mechanical study to eliminate condensation that could cause fungus growth

● Application of silicate mineral base wall painting to the building for reinforced durability and weather-resistant capabilities

Established in 2002, STPI is a dynamic creative workshop and contemporary art gallery situated in Clarke Quay. The non-profit organisation is committed to promoting artistic experimentation using print and paper mediums, and has become one of the most cutting-edge destinations for contemporary art in Asia. To date, STPI has collaborated with over 90 artists from all over the world.

Under Huakeong Industries’ meticulous execution of repair and restoration works, the project successfully commenced in January 2019 and was completed in a total of 9 months. Today, the internationally renowned space is a revamped, thriving hub for artist collaborations, artworks, exhibitions and public programmes, and hopes to continue inspiring international and art communities for years to come.

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