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Providing Endless Possibilities

Since its inception, Huakeong Group has cemented its reputation as an industry-leader in the construction and logistics sphere. Known for offering top-tier industrial equipment and facilities, the company is operated by a team of dedicated and highly-skilled staff—each one dedicated to providing the best engineering and logistics services to the petrochemical, marine and construction industries in Singapore and the neighbouring region.


In line with promoting eco-friendly initiatives, Huakeong Group approaches all projects with sustainable best-practices in every aspect of our business.


Our Mission

Huakeong Group is committed to fulfilling the needs of various business segments and industries, while ensuring all stakeholders and interlinked and independent businesses remain united with the singular mission of providing innovative solutions.

As the company and its touchpoints continue to expand, every employee—from leadership to frontline—will continuously build success while demonstrating ethics, integrity and professionalism of the highest standards.


Our Vision

We endeavour to strengthen our project management system and team competencies in the ever-changing construction landscape, while demonstrating sustainable and environmentally-conscious techniques and processes.


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